In 2003 Rainier Beach youth were surveyed and asked if they felt connected to their school and neighborhood. An overwhelming number said no and that is when the RB Back2School Bash was born. Since then over 200 local service providers and organizations have participated by providing resources table for over 6,000 families that attend the Bash and inspiring them toward education and being connected to their neighborhood. You have an opportunity to support the Back2School Bash by contributing to this year’s Seattle Foundations’ annual GiveBIG campaign on May 15, starting 12 a.m. midnight.

What is GiveBIG?GiveBIG is an exciting, one-day challenge that encourages residents of Seattle to give to local non-profit organizations by having their gifts matched by The Seattle Foundation. How does GiveBIG work? For every donation the Back2School Bash receives between midnight and midnight on May 15th, we will receive a portion of the matching funds, also known as the “stretch” pool! The amount of the stretch pool the Back2School Bash receives depends on how much we can raise on that day. For example, if we get 8% of the total donations during GiveBIG, then we will receive 8% of the stretch pool.

How can you participate? You can join with us during this campaign by making a contribution at the Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition profile on Seattle Foundation website on May 15th! Please mark your calendars! We will be sending out an email reminder the day before. For more information visit the RB Coalitions donation page.


Gregory Davis, Board Chair