In the past month, we have…


  • Hired 8 young people from Rainier Beach and deployed them in the neighborhood as Corner Greeters;
  • Expanded the leadership team to include a Onsite Specialist, Performance Specialist, Partnership & Wellbeing Specialist, and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) lead; 
  • Begun the 3rd wave of activations; and 
  • Activated 2 new locations, including Hutchinson Park and the corner of Seward Park Ave and Rainier Ave.


This is all part of RBAC’s work to improve public safety in the neighborhood by operating the Corner Greeter program more nights of the week and in new locations, with the help of neighborhood volunteers and businesses. 


What’s a neighborhood activation you ask? 


Glad you asked – There’s 5 things that happen at a Corner Greeter event: The team 1) ‘beautifies’ the area by cleaning up litter, 2) provides nutrition 3) passes resources, and information, 4) posts on social media, and 5) conducts safety surveys. 


These meaningful activities that improve public safety, especially in neighborhood locations where people tend to gather and where problems tend to happen.


Take the new activation location, Hutchinson Park, for example. This is a local park behind Emerson Elementary school that is shared by the school,Tiny Tots daycare and the community, where families love to bring their kids. On any given school day, this park is visited by more than 300 children! It is also a place that has been neglected over the years and a place where violence has happened historically. By beautifying Hutchinson Park, the Corner Greeters send the clear message that we value the park and that it’s not to be neglected. By providing food, resources and information, we bring neighbors together to create community and connection which improves safety. And by posting on social media, we demonstrate that beautiful things like families coming together to learn and play in the park are happening all the time.


As mentioned above, the Corner Greeter program is growing! We are looking for neighborhood businesses and volunteers to help us expand and make the neighborhood safer. If you’re located close to the Rainier Beach Light Rail station, the Lake Washington Apartments, Rainier Ave & Rose St, Hutchinson Park, or Rainier Ave & Henderson, and would like to help us, please signup at: