The Stage Crew/Freedomnet  handles many of the technology parts of RBAC. The Stage Crew is actually a reference to people who set up the stage.  We handle anything from live streaming, video editing, video managing, podcasts, articles writing, and even working on the RBAC websites.   The Stage Crew is led by young adults who have all gained valuable experiences by being a part of the team.


Some of the members of the team include Samuel, Tina Brigit, Jeremiah Conyers, Messiah, and Fatima. Even though you could consider this the core team, everyone at RBAC is considered a Freedomnet journalist. Everyone at RBAC is given a Twitter account with the opportunity to post headlines so people can get an idea in real time of all the great things happening in Rainier Beach. You can check out all the headlines here. 


The reason why this team is important is because it gives us the power to tell our stories and provide a real narrative of everything that is happening in Rainier Beach. The Stage Crew will be livestreaming the Town Hall on June 30th so stop by if you can!