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Historically, Rainier Beach has always been a welcoming neighborhood with an emphasis on health and well-being, a place many people have come to call home.

Today, the economic pressure and risk of displacement is greater than ever on Rainier Beach residents. The lack of opportunities is highlighted by disparities across the City and there is a need for more equitable development.


Back in 2012, the Rainier Beach residents came together around a renewed neighborhood plan with a vision at the center of which Food acted as a catalyst for neighborhood identity, cultural diversity and heritage, health and job creation.


The concept of the RB FID clusters manufacturing, technology, and food sectors around the light rail station to provide access to career-path living-wage jobs, strengthening the local economy through production rather than consumption.

In addition, the RB FID will leverage transit to support community stability and economic mobility, improve access to education, employment and entrepreneurship, while maximizing the use of this unique station location at the intersection of the manufacturing / industrial area that extends to South King County, and the residential neighborhood of Rainier Beach. The RB FID is intended to spark catalytic development around the Rainier Beach light rail station.


Local food innovation (growing, production and distribution) is projected to be a top ten growth industry over the next decade. The demand for locally grown and produced food is growing. Jobs are an anti-displacement strategy.

“To grow a thriving cultural community with equitable access to economic opportunity and affordable healthy food.”


Vision for a community culturally relevant market.


Growing fresh organic produce at the Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands.

Economic Development

Concept for a Food Innovation Center at Rainier Beach light rail station.

Food Innovation District Resource Library

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