The Rainier Beach Action Coalition Beach Fresh program is still going strong in 2022 and activities are being planned to jump-start the new year in many ways. We have so much to reflect on as we move forward that can help us on our continued journey to healthier bodies, budgets, and minds through food and wellness. Looking back on 2021, our virtual sessions numbered over 25. They were held bi-weekly during the school year and adjusted into weekly sessions during the summer months to accommodate student schedules. Our 3-person planning team met bi-weekly throughout the year. We recorded 3 sessions, 1 of which was uploaded to YouTube.  At least 8 people attended each session with our highest number being 13 on one occasion.  Other markers we hit for Beach Fresh in 2021 were that we had 6 weeks of yoga instruction with local nutritionist, Minh Hai Alex, 1 field trip to Bell Harbor International Convention Center on Elliott Bay, 2 information sessions with Basilica Bio on partnership opportunities, and 1 in-person RBAC garden harvest and cooking session using our own fresh produce.  We got to enjoy each other’s company for 1 Beach Fresh Air Walk to Be’er Sheva Park for a meal and some basketball. We were also able to use fresh RBAC farmstand produce on 4 virtual cooking sessions. 

Personally speaking, Beach Fresh helped me develop healthy routines and habits in my everyday life that led to positive emotions, social satisfaction, physical energy, emotional inspiration, and the ability to employ my creative talents, skills, and abilities to engage in activities. I’m looking forward to beach fresh 2022, to being involved in new activities, and learning from all the creative minds at RBAC.