A Beautiful Safe Place is an RBAC action area with a focus on public safety and the arts, as the header says….

Programs RBAC operates under this action area is Corner Greeters, community-wide positive behavioral intervention and supports (CW-PBIS), Clean Crew, and YATTA Rising. Individually these programs have contributed significantly to the well being of Rainier Beach. Taken together they represent an effort that not only contributes to the reduction of the number of incidents that contribute to youth crime, they contribute to the leadership development of young adults in our neighborhood. Just  Shout outs to WA-BLOC, Atlantic Street Center, Rainier Beach, A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth.

Here are some numbers since January 2020…

Corner Greeters – 13 events where information sharing, beautification (litter pickup), safety surveying and social media posts (379) to the RB News Wire has occurred. 15 young people from the Rainier Beach neighborhood on the delivery of non arrest crime intervention alternatives to policing

YATTA Rising – 19 individual skill building and system  change workshops have occurred. 15 young adults and 6 institutional partners who have participated in these sessions are now ready to research policies needing changing as it relates to police accountability.

PBIS – https://www.rbcoalition.org/pbis/

Clean Crew – 6 young adults,w happen to be African American males worked onp landscapes in and around the five identified hotspots in Rainier Beach, and focused on planting strips and along street/pathway segments adjacent to businesses. The Clean Crew, performed the following beautification activities: litter pick-up, landscape maintenance, weeding/raking, power-washing and graffiti paint out.

Rainier Beach Restorative Justice – A young adult (Ryan) was hired to be a RBAC Circle Keeper. Since then 16 – twice a week planning meetings have occurred.  The purpose of the planning meetings are to prepare training opportunities for other young adults to learn the important elements of circle keeping. The idea is to make them better circle participants. The planning meeting also are usedcused tokto prepareaprepare circlec keeping activity for the community healing space that occurs eachFeach at the Rainier Beach Safeway parking lot from 4 pm-8pm.

The above information was shared so you know that the well-being of the Rainier Beach neighborhood is a primary missional body of work for RBAC. You can contribute by emailing us at info@rbactioncoalition.org and let usk how you want to help.