"Believe it or not, there’s more than 30,000 schools in the United States today that are using school-wide PBIS programs to help students succeed."


We envision an active and connected community making Rainier Beach into a beautiful safe place to live, work, and play.

Program Description

We understand the stress and frustration of living in an unsafe environment, and spending too much time in an unsafe environment leads to bigger problems down the road.

At RBAC, we provide neighborhood safety assessments, trainings and tools for organizations and neighbors in Rainier Beach so they can create safe, positive spaces that prevent problems.

When you partner with us, you’ll master evidence-based practices for preventing the behavioral challenges you don’t want, and encouraging the ones you do! You’ll create a safe positive environment inside and out that builds people up rather than tears them down!

Our mission is to build a network of 100 organizations creating positive spaces for youth by 2025, because neighborhoods should build youth up.

How You Can Be Involved

There are plenty of ways for all members of the community to be involved with PBIS:

  • Put up a FREE yard sign!
  • Attend an upcoming Rainier Beach United Gathering. 11:30-1:30, 3rd Friday of
    every month, danielle@rbactioncoalition.org
  • For organizations: Schedule a neighborhood safety assessment
    1. Email stew@rbactioncolation.org to schedule a site visit. Pro-tips
      for improving neighborhood safety and encouraging positive social
    2. Follow up meeting. Learn principles of Crime Prevention Through
      Environmental Design and Positive Behavioral Supports, and get
      connected with partners who can help.
    3. Create safe, positive environments. Transform your organization
      and the community into an environment that encourages safe,
      respectful & responsible behavior.

Program Outcomes

Promote Safety, Respect and Responsibility


Host public trainings on creating safe, positive spaces


Provide public safety assessments, training ad support to individual organizations


Host gatherings where the community can connect and work together on challenges



  • City of Seattle
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Seattle Neighborhood Group
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • George Mason University
  • Rainier Beach organizations, including: NW Kidney Center, Art for Resistance and Resilience, Lake WA Apartments, Urban Impact, Atlantic St. Center, Youthcare, Safeway, Rainier Health & Fitness, Moms Demand Action, Bellwether Housing, Seattle Housing Authority, Rainier Beach Merchants, Kouyate Arts, Rainier Dance Center, Empowering Youth and Families, NW Tap Connection, King Donuts, DM Wireless, Walaaha Market, the RB Community Center, Link2Lake, Mt. Baker Housing, Friends of Rainier View, South Seattle Crime Prevention Council, Y-We, the RB Library, and the list continues to grow…

RBAC is recruiting for our new Executive and Advisory Councils!