Calling All Seattle Teens!

The Mayor’s Office and City Council invite you to speak at 2011 Budget Public Hearings!

Who: All Teens who are passionate about Seattle Parks and Recreation!

What: 2011 Budget Public Meetings


  • Wednesday, April 28, 2010, New Holly Gathering Hall (7054 32 Ave S)
    5:00 pm: Sign in
    5:30 pm: Public hearing
  • Tuesday, May 4, 2010, North Seattle Community College Cafeteria (9600 College Way N)
    5:00 pm: Sign in
    5:30 pm: Public hearing

How: Sign-up at your local Seattle Parks and Recreation Community Center with the TDL (Teen Development Leader).  You will get transportation to and from meeting from your local community center.

What you can expect: The Mayor and City Council are making tough choices about what services you will receive starting this summer.  They want to hear from you about what Seattle Parks and Recreation programs they should keep.

How you can be most effective: You will only have 2-3 minutes to share your own story about why Seattle Parks and Recreation helps you.  Share positive stories about how you benefit from Parks and Recreation Programs and why they shouldn’t cut those programs.  If you use the community center after school, tell them what would happen to you if it wasn’t there.  If you have participated in Yes! or STEPS, tell them what would happen if you didn’t have that summer opportunity.

Your personal story is more important than anything, so be honest, be positive, and encourage them to keep Parks and Recreation open for you!