For the past few months, Beach Fresh has had the opportunity to add yoga to its curriculum. These yoga classes are taught by Minh Hai Alex who is a registered dietician at Mindful Nutrition in Seattle. Everyone who attends the class gets the chance to learn how to do yoga. The best part is that everyone can do it.  If there are stretches that are too difficult you can adjust so that you’re comfortable and taking care of what your body needs. Besides the physical part of yoga, it’s also a wonderful way to take care of the mind. Minh Hai leads us through breathing exercises each session that is great for relaxing and clearing the mind.  Besides yoga, Beach Fresh also had another guest visit one of their meetings. An organization called Basilica Bio joined us last Thursday. They are a non-profit organization focused on creating change in communities through science education. Basilica Bio creates material that can be used to educate people/students about things that are affecting their communities like noise pollution, air pollution, food swamps, etc….Our hope is to collaborate with them to design material/classes that build on what Beach Fresh already does by teaching young adults how to live healthier lives.