Rainier Beach Town Hall. Safe Neighborhood Pathwayz. Rainier Beach had its last Town Hall of 2019 on 12/12/2019. If you didn’t get to attend you can check it out here. 



Mr. Davis and Dunia were the mc for this town hall and the last town hall! The food was provided by some local businesses. Leftover food was able to get donated to a homeless shelter. Videos from Seattle Channel featuring A Beautiful Safe Place/PBIS were also shown during this event.  Zion Thomas introduced a new RBAC program called YATTA (Young Adults Transitioning To Adulthood) Rising. This program will focus on the overall well-being of young adults and public safety with the goal to transform the relationship between our Southend community and the Seattle Police Department.  A group of young adults got the chance to to be on a panel that answered the questions talking about stories of their successes and failures, why aren’t community lead alternatives treated with the same respect as the government lead programs? and others that you hear their answers to on the link above.  The event ended with the Corner Greeters, Farm Stand Fellows, Rainier Beach Clean Crew, and Beach Fivers were all given certificates for the activities they were trained in while participating in their programs.