As part of the Clean Crews’ effort to improve and beautify the community, we recently reached out to the Boy Scouts of America, Troop 008 to conduct a community service project. The project was managed and supervised by Ryan Croone and De’Shaun Valdry of the Clean Crew.

The Scouts and Scout Master, Bill Hurd, were excited to come out to improve the community.  The cleanup event took place on February 12th and involved eight scouts, ranging in age approximately from 12 to 17 years.  Many of the Scouts were working on their personal projects in support of them earning Eagle Scout or other levels.

Work to improve the green space at Cloverdale and Lake Washington Blvd included a fair amount of raking old leaves from the space, removing dead debris and tree limbs that had been illegally dumped on the area.  The scouts also conducted a litter pickup to remove trash, bottles, and other debris from the space. 

To provide for improved safety of residents using the space, the scouts also cut and trimmed back bushes and tree limbs that restricted folks from walking along the sidewalk and even swept up leaves from the sidewalk to make it safer to walk.  Over a period of three hours the scouts collected and filled about 26 bags of mostly green waste.  They did the work with high energy and welcomed folks passing by who thanked them for the work. The work also included them cleaning leaves from the curb so that these did not impact storm drains and water quality.

It was a pleasure to work with these energetic and active young people. Thanks to Ryan for providing water, snacks, and lunch for the young men who did this work.  The Clean Crew looks forward to future partnerships involving these amazing dedicated youth.  Ryan and De’Sean talked to the youth about participating in additional work of RBAC.  

Pictures of the youth working are posted below.

Please contact us if you have any areas that need attention or beautification.