We’ve come a long way over the past several years, largely due to the support and encouragement of our Board.

So we want to especially recognize and express our deepest appreciation for those long standing members of the Board who are stepping down this year: Elaine Bennett, who is moving to Auburn; Secret Charles, recently relocated to Sacramento; and Betty Patu, newly elected to the Seattle School Board. We wish all the best for Elaine and Secret in their new homes and look forward to working with Betty as she provides her wisdom and expertise to addressing the critical challenges of our public school system and ensuring our voice is at the decision-making table.

Would you consider joining us? Or do you know someone else who would like this opportunity?

The Board meets four times a year (January, April, July, October – approx. 16 hours over the course of the year) to review coalition financial reports and legal status as well as quarterly operational updates.

Email us at rainierbeachneighborhood@hotmail.com with the subject line: “I want to serve Rainier Beach.” Additional information can be reviewed here.

Be sure to share this opportunity with others.