June is CPR Awareness Month! Over the past year working at RBAC, I have realized the critical importance of CPR certification for residents of the Rainier Beach neighborhood. Equally important is the ability to identify who is CPR-certified.


Rainier Beach is a vibrant community rich in cultural diversity. It is also a neighborhood predominantly composed of Black and Brown individuals. According to the American Heart Association, “CPR was least likely for Black and Hispanic adults in less personal settings, such as on the street or in a public transportation center, according to findings presented at the American Heart Association’s Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions in Reston, Virginia. Results improved at home or in public settings where people might know the person, such as the workplace, though such CPR still was more likely for white people in the study.”


This data highlights a significant disparity and underscores the urgent need for CPR certification in our neighborhood. At RBAC, we are committed to ensuring that more people in Rainier Beach are equipped with this life-saving skill. By becoming CPR-certified, we can improve emergency response and outcomes for everyone in our neighborhood. 


Let’s take action this June and beyond to make Rainier Beach a safer place for all. Join us in getting CPR-certified and help spread awareness about the importance of knowing this vital skill.


All my love and then some,


Mawahib Ismail

Communication Coordinator