Lately, Eddie has noticed that the people who he is connecting with available opportunities are beyond Rainier Beach or even the South End. People have been reaching out from other places–especially in south King County or the Central District. He said that even as people move out of Rainier Beach, they are “staying connected with RBAC, the Rainier Beach area.”

Another thing Eddie mentioned was his intention to work with more people who have previously been incarcerated, or are currently serving time. He said sometimes, people in that situation, “don’t possibly feel they can get some help with anything.” However, Grinnell said there are possibilities. People serving time can be allowed to do aspects of the pre-apprenticeship program on work release, or and when they’ve left prison entirely they’re closer to having well paid work.

Eddie also wanted to shout out congratulations to RBAC’s own Jesiah Marks, a recent LOVETO grad from their paid pre-apprenticeship program!