Now that the farm stand season is coming to an end, RBAC will be conducting farm trips in light of our convening of the Food Policy Council during the off season!


As our young people take the lead on championing food justice in the neighborhood, we have begun to ask questions like what it would take for local BIPOC farmers and food stakeholders to sit at this council. 


With our experience and existing network of farm partners, we are excited to honor their work, story, advocacy on a deeper level and continue building new relationships with those that care about our local food system. 


Special shout out to Nurturing Roots and Black Farmers Collective for all of the activism they have planted in the soil and their leadership that we look forward to putting more energy and resources behind! 


As we continue to plant seeds and germinate this conversation, we have these asks out to our community:


Are you a local Black, Indigenous, immigrant or refugee farmer? 

Do you have experience in policy, advocacy, and organizing for food access? 

Are you a young person who wants to learn and lead the conversation about health and wellness in your community? 


If these questions resonate with you, RBAC is ready to talk about how we can support you in coming together for the Food Policy Council. 

Please reach out to for more!