We’ve got to give a big kudos to Eddie Grinnell for reaching his yearly Priority Hire Outreach goals with 3 months in the year left! Here’s a note from him: “We set a goal of 85 Assessments, 50 Referrals & 25 Placements. Assessments are the start of things, we get folx signed up with an assessment form first. After that they can get a referral, which is attending the information meeting and hearing what the programs are about, and eventually making a decision about the trade they’re interested in. Next you can get a placement, which is getting an assessment started in a trade program. A reason I believe that I have reached the goal earlier this year is because of the connections and relationships that I have created over the years. I have gotten recognized by associates of Priority Hire and the community because of the work and people of color that they have seen helped by me. So contact me if there’s anything you’d like to know about getting yourself or someone you know into the construction trade!”