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1) Purpose (who and why?): To gather input from young adults who are connected with COO partner organizations on how they experience community cohesion and stability and if and how they feel able to engage the systems that impact their lives. The questions will help understand what impact COO is having on young adult’s perception of community and sense of efficacy.
The focus group will focus on the following measures of the COO evaluation:
  • Resident views of community stability and cohesion
  • Opinions that concerns or worries are being addressed through local decisions and policies
2) Looking for  FOUR young adults (18-25 y/o) from the Rainier Valley. We will hold this focus group on Monday, October 1 at White Center CDA at 4:30pm. This is a central location for convening young adults from the other place-based partners as well.
By Monday:
  • Please send me the names of the four young adults that will participate from your community
  • Notice if they need child care
  • Notice they need an interpreter, and if so, what language
  • If they need assistance with transportation, and if so, what that is
  • All will be provided a full meal, $25 gift card, and reimbursement for transportation as needed.