In Black History we’ve had great leaders who walked a path for these amazing future steppers of Rainier Beach Action Coalition. Let’s get into it!! 

Jessicka Rambus, Operations Director– Authority MBA with a prime focus on Accounting and Operations, including process improvement and innovative technology. Deep-rooted from West Point MS, trusted, authentic, supportive, and personable with integrity for the RBAC team with 25+ years of professional experience in Seattle since ‘85—Southend native.

James Roberson AKA Coach Vic, Clean Crew Supervisor– Been living in rainier valley since 1990 and has coached youth track at Rainier Beach Community Center for 26 years. Coach is a volunteer with the Rainier Beach Advisory Council and is a lead for the RBAC Clean Crew. Coach retired after 30 years with the City of Seattle with the City Council Central staff and Seattle Public Utilities.  

Hani Ahmed, Rainier Beach Five– I migrated from Somalia to the US as a girl. I’m now a college student at Seattle Central College. I’m working on my AA so that I can pursue medical school and become a pediatrician. Part of the reason why is because of my work in the community and seeing and experiencing how under-resourced black and brown communities are. I want to provide care to folks that look like me because I know the systems that try to obstruct them. I hope to use the skills I’ve learned at my job at RBAC to strive to decrease the power of harmful systems and empower the community to seek aid and receive the care they deserve. In the coming future I’ll be part of designing a first response curriculum for the folks in RBAC. During this time I will be learning and educating folks with medical experts. This is a step into the type of work I want to do. I know in the future I will look at my work as a doctor as an abolitionist. To deconstruct harmful systems and create a safe and caring environment for black and brown folks. 

King Nisby, Clean Crew– Graduate from Rainier Beach High School who is very admirable, peaceful, reserved and has omnifarious interest. 

Me’Kyel Bailey, Public Safety Coordinator A puzzle master and systems consultant from Skyway. Her passion for equitable and transformational strategy and leadership directly comes from her lived experience navigating complex education, social and economic systems.

Jerrell “Rell Be Free” Davis, Transformation Strategist – Born and raised in South Seattle, is at the intersection of hip-hop, Seattle culture and grassroots organizing. Jerrell has been a part of a number of collectives (i.e. WA-BLOC and Seattle People’s Party) but primarily works with the Rainier Beach Action Coalition. Circle Keeping, space creating, and the arts are all a part of him being an “Underground Educator.” All of his music is available on streaming platforms, including his most recent project “SOLEDAD.” Check out for more!

Samuel Woldemariam, Technology Coordinator– Southend Native with roots in the Seattle Tigray community, first generation college graduate. He is very passionate about bringing positive change to the community.

Danielle “Pebbles” Jackson, Project Specialist (PBIS,B2SB) – Seattleite born and raised in the 206 (CD and Soufend), kind of person who cares about the wellbeing of the young people of Rainier Beach. She is well connected, everyone knows Pebbles ! She lives and breathes Rainier Beach .

Amanda Lopez-Castanon, Well-being Manager – Born and raised in the deepest southern part of Louisiana . Puts others well being before her own but still knows selfcare.

Gabriel “Princess Gabbie” Price, Corner Greeter Supervisor -Born in Seattle, she steps up and stands out when it comes to being a mother to many. It’s in her nature to be a caregiver, she’s also a doula ! Not only does she love to be in the garden planting any and everything but she also has taken in many animals such as 1 dog, 2 axolotls, and 9 hermit crabs.

Ryan Croone II, Clean Crew – Born and raised in Washington, a young black revolutionist from Seattle who knows people need to stop sleeping on Washington in general. Rainier Beach is his home and he will put on for the 6 !

Bahsan Ahmed, Rainier Beach Five – Lived in Seattle most of her life, she is a somalian refugee who values her community and down to do whatever it takes to make sure Rainier Beach is a safe neighborhood. 

De’Shaun Valdrey, Clean Crew – Born and raised in Souf Seattle, graduated from Rainier Beach High School. Music and sports is his thing but his focus is helping Rainier Beach as much as possible.

Gregory “Mayor of Rainier Beach” Davis, Managing Strategist – Born in Compton, California. Came here for college and never left, Rainier Beach is his home. If you look up the definition of a leader his picture would be right next to it. He’s a father, husband, brother and son who understands the meaning of being the best but still giving self care once in a while.

Zion Thomas, Rainier Beach Five – Born in Souf Seattle, he is a proud Virgo activist for Rainier Beach. He graduated from Rainier Beach High School with the knowledge of giving back to the neighborhood. He originally started off as a corner greeter and eventually became part of the leadership team for Young Adult Transitioning To Adulthood (YATTA).

Mariam Bayo, Rainier Beach Five – Represents Souf Seattle, graduated from Rainier Beach High School. She is a current student at Seattle Central to become a nurse.  Also she was an original corner greeter who strives to keep the flow of the work out there going with the CQI forms.

Hibo Elmi,Food Justice-Born in Kenya at a refugee camp. I love nature, Afro music, and traveling. Three words to describe are motivated, Diligent, and loyal. The advice I usually give to my friends and family is dreams remain dreams until you take action. My personal goals are to be the best mom I can be to my son and to get my Bachelors degree in public health.

Kidest Wasihun, Food JusticeShe’s 19 years old and works at RBAC as a farm stand and food Justice fellow. Her roles mainly consist of distributing fresh produce to the community every week during the summer, and going down to Nurturing Roots Farm in Beacon Hill, and helping out with any tasks needed.  Outside of work, I attend the University of Washington majoring in Information Systems + Marketing.

Abby Endalew, Food Justice– Farmstand fellow and part of the food justice team here at RBAC. I’ve been working here ever since I was a junior in high school and now I’m a sophomore attending the University of Washington Tacoma. I love working at RBAC because it has made me more aware of issues within the community such as food insecurity and I’m glad to help reduce that problem through the farmstand every summer.

Makayla Miles, Rainier Beach Five– Born in Seattle, graduated from Rainier Beach High School. She started off as a farmstand fellow who eventually helped put Freedomnet on the map. Her voice is soft-spoken but her journalism skills are top tier. 

Safiyat Bayo, Corner Greeter– Represents the 6 to the fullest, attends Rainier Beach High School. Such a strong young lady who steps up at home and for Rainier Beach. She’s very observant to what needs to be done in our neighborhood.

Latricia Johnson, Corner Greeter– She considers herself an iPad baby- people need to learn that it’s ok to be not ok- you’re not going to be happy all the time. We are human! I’m usually at some Africatown event or a birthday party or something, out and about socializing. I love being a corner greater because I get to connect with the community and do healing work with my hands and with my words.

Fanikia Jackson, Corner Greeter She is usually with her friends, family, at home or at  some kind of event. She loves being a corner greeter because it allows her to be a part of the work she thinks is more important in the world which is uplifting communities that are underserved.

Fatima Kabba, Corner Greeter Specialist–  Born and raised in Seattle, attends Rainier Beach High School. She is a reliable ally for Rainier Beach, there isn’t anything in the neighborhood that she’s not part of. She steps for not only her siblings but also for the people of the neighborhood.

Jeremiah “JJ” Conyers, Freedomnet Engagement Worker– Born and raised in Seattle , graduated from Rainier Beach High School. Started off as a corner greeter and realized this was his calling. He’s blowing up on Twitter be 

Edvent “Eddie” Grinnell, Priority Hire– Represents the Central District and Soufend to the fullest. Helps men and women get put on with trades that lead them to get great jobs in the construction industry. On top of that he’s a great cook with good taste and DJ with good ears.

Derartu Massey, Food JusticeFarmstand fellow and part of the food justice team here at RBAC. Helps make sure the neighborhood has fresh fruits and vegetables, also helps out at the Nurturing Roots Farm.

Jesiah Marks, Clean Crew-From Souf Seattle, graduated from Cleveland High School. He is a strong community activist and leader for the neighborhood. He’s also an artist with a filthy rhythm and flow. 

Tyree Abella, Clean Crew– From Souf Seattle, graduated from Cleveland High School. Also got his associates and graduated from Seattle Central. He is interested in stocks and marketing, while also being a community activist and leader for the neighborhood.

Myles Howard, Finance Specialist– Graduated from Cleveland High School and is now attending Morehouse College. He is a Souf Seattle resident who is aspiring to get his Bachelor Arts, Finance Major. Another great artist we have who is definitely a community activist.

Fynniecko Glover, Rainier Beach Economic Development Manager – Been in the Rainier Beach Neighborhood for 13 years on 47th s rose st, a legend from African American Academy who has a business-like mind that will help Rainier Beach in the long run. He has created his own company called “Sprout” to link community organizations and companies in King County with youth looking for internships, scholarships, jobs, volunteer opportunities, and events. 

Tamia Stanton, Administrative Assistant– Born in the CD but the Soufend raised me. Seattle/Skyway is my home, I didn’t get the chance to go to a Seattle schools but definitely was out here. Got my activist skills from being part of the Original Rainier Beach Community Center and seeing things first hand. Being part of Rainier Beach helped me strive to be a leader, which plays a big role in working for Rainier Beach Action Coalition. 

When seeing these people in action make sure to stop and pay respect to these steppers. They’re the future of Rainier Beach Action Coalition and I’m proud to say I work with them <3