Number Sense “an intuitive feel for numbers and their various uses and interpretations. Number sense also includes the ability to compute accurately and efficiently, to detect errors, and to recognize results as reasonable. People with number sense are able to understand numbers and use them effectively in everyday living. Good number sense is also recognizing the relative magnitudes of numbers and establishing referents, or benchmarks, for measures of common objects and situations in their environments.” -Helping Children Learn Mathematics

This camp will focus on mastery of the four basic operations of arithmetic. Gaining number sense is critical for elementary grade students! Students will develop fluency, competence and confidence in their ability to perform whole number arithmetic.  Students will learn non-standard algorithms and methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers. Serious attention will be dedicated to successfully performing operations on fractions. Via the performing arts, students will learn to use dance and music to gain conceptual understanding, skill and instant recall of procedures when calculating with fractions.

Where:  Northwest Tap Connection on Rainier Ave South in Rainier Beach
When:  Week of July 30th and/or Week of August 6th 
Time:  8:30 AM – 5:30 PM  (Math in the am, lunch, Dance/Storytelling in the pm)
Cost:  $125 per week; Scholarships available

To register, go to