metro service cuts

Service cuts proposed- Metro must plan now for major service cuts in absence of funding

Metro has cut costs, raised fares, and created other efficiencies to preserve most service over the past five years. But temporary funding authority from the state expires in June, and unless action is taken on stable funding, Metro must plan now for drastic service reductions next year.

74 routes will be deleted

• 107 routes would be changed

• 33 unchanged routes would likely become more crowded.


More than 80 percent of Metro’s bus and DART routes would be affected.

Visit King County Metro website for more information.

Are you a member of or do you participate in a community/neighborhood group?

KC Metro would appreciate your help to let your constituents and participating members know about these opportunities to learn more and share their opinions. Any ideas from the public that help them to minimize impacts and serve more riders, without shifting impacts to from one community to another and while still making the necessary cuts, may allow them to modify this proposal BEFORE it goes to the King County Council for consideration.

Do you and your group feel that you have sufficient information about the proposed changes? If you do not, please:

1. Send them an email or call with your group’s questions. They’ll prepare a response and walk you through the resources you might use to talk about the proposal with your group.

2. Attend KC Metro’s neighborhood council workshop on Thursday, December 12, from 6 – 7:30 p.m. at King Street Center’s 8th floor conference room (201 South Jackson Street)


This workshop is designed to prepare someone from your council to bring information back to your group and help you answer your community’s questions. Please RSVP by Monday, Dec. 9, with the name and contact information of the person(s) who will be attending to confirm your participation at this event. RSVP to DeAnna Martin, or 206-477-3835.


If you have any questions about our need to reduce service, our reduction priorities, or any related issues, please contact DeAnna Martin, Community Relations Planner, whose email and phone are listed above.