Hello Makayla again! I am excited to introduce you to Rashad Barber.

Rashad Barber is the Corner Greeter Coordinator.  He has been at RBAC for about 6 months. His favorite movie is Alien Resurrection and is a huge fan of sci-fi. He enjoys reading, likes Netflix and is currently watching a series called Carbon. He likes to cook, the dish he makes the most is stir-fry which he loves with the right hot sauce. Rashad was born in Connecticut and raised in Colorado. He has been in Seattle for 5 years now.

One of the favorite places he has traveled to is Haiti. It reminds him of the work he wants to do in his life.  Rashad envisions himself having a project that allows people to travel while also focusing on community work. RBAC fits into his overall goal because RBAC is focused on community development. This organization is focused on the needs of everyone in our community. People from the Rainier Beach neighborhood have a take-charge attitude to get the resources they need. Rashad hopes to do something similar. RBAC has taught him a lot about working with the community and how projects develop with the help of other organizations.

One thing he is especially proud of is having the ability to work with young people. He is proud that he’s able to connect with young people at a deeper level.  He sees their ability to be heard and he fosters their confidence. They feel empowered to take on issues that are important to them. He loves seeing young people stand up for their community.

Rashad would love for more stakeholders to engage with the Rainier Beach Community. He would love to see programs like the Corner Greeters and the Rainier Beach Farm Stand to continue. They play a part in making the community safer and healthier.  He would love to see more organizations taking on similar programs to build a stronger community.