The “Modification Squad” has been in full effect in 2023. We experienced a number of hiccups and setbacks, but have still managed to stay on course with our tenant improvements of the RBAC Growth Center. Although we started this project with Weber Thompson as our architects, we have been working with FiveDot throughout this year. This proved to be a better fit and we have been pleased with the progress of the building. Sharon from FiveDot has been a big supporter and recently brought in Jan to support with the design for the demonstration kitchen. During this time we have also transitioned lead contractors from Tony and Cozmo to Craig and Christian.  

As of right now, the building envelope has been power washed and repainted, the walls inside and outside the building have been painted (with some walls rocking special RBAC colors), there is carpet and lighting on the top floor Circle and office spaces, the recording studio and sound booth have been built out (still some work to do here), the downstairs vegetable washing sink has been installed, we have working bathrooms on both floors, aaand the ramp for the ADA Lift has been installed – WHEW! 

We are gearing up for Phase 3 (installation of the HVAC/air conditioning and ventilation) and Phase 4 will be the final step to completing the demonstration kitchen. 

All in all, it has been a roller coaster ride but we are screaming our way through it. Look forward to what we call “full occupancy” aka BEING DONE by the end of April 2024. This is so exciting and we can’t wait to bring the community into our beautiful space! Big kudos to the Mod Squad members and the teammates that meet weekly, help make decisions, contribute to the building’s designs, meet with the architects and contractors, and ANYONE who has visited the Growth Center in this time. We are so close to the finish line with this one y’all – let’s keep our stride as we run through the yellow tape of this labor of love!