There are very few opportunities and tools available in the job market for young people. Between the ages of 18 to 26, being a young adult might make you feel as though the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Uncertainty and unpredictability might change the emotions that a person already feels. Programs for young adults between the ages of 18 and 26 have been implemented by the Rainier Beach Action Coalition. Young adults have had the opportunity to lead programs and specific parts of the organization, YATTA-Rising being one of them. A program called Young Adults Transitioning To Adulthood focuses on the transition from youth to adulthood. Age does bring with it a lot more responsibilities, which can be quite difficult.

Since its inception three years ago, YATTA-Rising has been able to offer workshops on financial literacy, first aid, mental health, and even how mental illness has affected Black and Brown families. Our approach is designed to create community education systems for young adults. We have been able to acquire abilities to better pursue our own aims and desires through our work of maintaining space by instructing classes of the wellness framework.

The accomplishments of the YATTA-Rising program and all of its participants, including all the young adults employed in the community, will be the main topic of our upcoming Town Hall on October 13th. We want to recognize young people for their maturation and learning how to navigate our community while navigating life and all of its difficulties. It’s important that young people from the neighborhood are organizing and hosting this event. Young adults have been supported and given space by RBAC, and our upcoming Town Hall is a shining example.

We will honor the young adults for all of their efforts and contributions to the work in this neighborhood. YATTA-Rising is mostly created by and for young adults. We appreciate having a place to showcase the dedication being shown by people who are working so hard.

We will continue to update you all on information pertaining to the event time & location! Stay tuned!