Due to a RB Coalition focus on board development this year, the Rainier Beach Neighborhood update process, two signature events being planned (RB Town Hall Meeting, Back2School Bash), the Lift Every Voice campaign, the Transit Justice partnership with Sage and the activation of Rainier Beach Stewardship Group no Action Team Meetings will be held this year.

In place of this strategy for neighborhood development residents are being “dispatched” to meetings that already occur in the neighborhood and are asked to report the results of the meetings they attend on the RB Coalition website. This is what we are calling mobile ATM (Action Team Meetings). There are already enough meetings occurring, no need to create another one!

Simply click the Action Team tab above, look for the Action Area the meeting you are attending is related to and in the Reply section enter information using the following categories:

  1. Top 2 Highlights
  2. Most surprising thing heard
  3. Most controversial thing heard
  4. New Learning
  5. Possibilities for Rainier Beach.

This is how we encourage you to participate in the ongoing development of your neighborhood and in keeping the neighborhood informed about what is going on. We are excited about what 2011 has in store, we are even more thrilled you are with us.

Questions? Recommendations? Need more information? Email us at rainierbeachneighborhood@gmail.com