First Ever Puget Sound Equity Summit, November 8-9, 2013. Be part of an action-oriented summit
to promote racial and economic justice!

There’s no doubt about it – the Puget Sound is undergoing constant growth and many changes.

Yet, how do we ensure that those who have been historically pushed out and left out of prosperity – people of color, low-income families, immigrants, and others – also have an opportunity to strive and thrive?

Be a part of building an equity agenda where communities can thrive – connecting the dots between more accessible public transportation, affordable housing, and living wage jobs.

Register for the first ever Puget Sound Equity Summit, a two-day free event that brings together and supports racial equity efforts across the region. As one of the planning partners of the summit, Puget Sound Sage and members of the South Communities Organizing for Regional/Racial Equity will be leading numerous workshops throughout the weekend on how to advance equity in
the Puget Sound region.

Find out more information on the Equity Summit’s website.

Highline Community College Student Union Building, Building B, 2400
South 240th St Des Moines, WA

Transportation provided – Call Rebecca Saldana at 206.380.4684