Mapes Creek Walkway/52nd Avenue

Rainier Beach hires a Neighborhood Coordinator!!

For the first time in recent memory  a person (Patrice Thomas) has been contracted with to connect the activities, organizations and residents of Rainier Beach.

There are many, many wonderful assets within the Rainier Beach neighborhood.  Most research says that when neighborhood assets are connected that this action serves as a catalyst that ensures all residents have a greater likelihood of benefiting from them and that this elevates the quality of life for everyone, particularly those who have lived, worked, played, worshiped there when times were challenging.

Join Patrice and Rainier Beach Moving Forward to implement the actions highlighted in the recent Rainier Beach 2014 Neighborhood Plan Update. Find an area below that matches your interest and email Patrice at to get involved.

  • A Place For Everyone: Rainier Beach residents, long-term and new, will all have access to safe, healthy and affordable housing; access to transit; and a variety of vibrant commercial centers.
  • Life Long Learning: An innovative, connected learning system that is strategically integrated into the neighborhood’s cultural life.
  • Growing Food to Develop a Healthy Industry: Rainier Beach is an employment center for the agricultural products grown in the valley and is environmentally sustainable.
  • A Beautiful Safe Place: Strengthening the neighborhood through beautification increases public activity by 72%, and the more we know our neighbors, the safer we will be.