Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth Outreach Worker (3 open positions)

Click on link to download and print pdf version of this announcement: RB ABSPY Outreach Worker Announcement (973 downloads )

Organization: Rainier Beach Community Empowerment Coalition/and Rainier Beach Moving Forward

Project Name: Rainier Beach – A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth (ABSPY)

Position Title: Outreach Worker

Reports to: RBMF ABSPY Coordinator

Position Status: Contract

Contract Period: May 1, 2015 to September 31, 2015

Compensation: $3,000


Description of Work

Under the supervision of the RBMF ABSPY Coordinator, represent Rainier Beach Moving Forward in its efforts to provide interventions aimed directly at the place-based risk factors that impact youth crime and five hotspot locations.


Essential Elements

  • Increase the number of community-building or improvement projects in which youth participate in partnership with community organizations.
  • Increase the number of community-building or improvement projects in which youth provide leadership and development support.
  • Increase in youth participation in structured activities after-school hours
  • Increase of youth observing personal safety practices and reporting of criminal activity
  • Increase in trust between youth and SPD
  • Increased youth knowledge of local community issues and likelihood youth will engage in civic and other activities that promote the common good

Skills Required

  • A friendly personality
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Time-management skills
  • Manage and organize your time for your payment.
  • Assist youth with creating a system to manage their time.
  • Deal with multiple youth and cultures while providing a fun cultural diverse environment,
  • Adaptability
  • Need to be comfortable working in areas prone to violence and crime (these are often places that the youth will be working to improve the beautification of).
  • Must be able to follow the lead of the youth, when youth are participating in group dynamics, advisory committees and other community activities. (It is very important that the youth take ownership and manage the program while you act as point of advisor.)


Two days per week, three hours per day, up to 24 hours per month another way to look at it is eight events or meetings per month. *Subject to change due to previously schedule event or predetermined date and time

To Apply

Email cover letter, resume (include a minimum of two references) to rainierbeachneighborhood@hotmail.com, ATTN: Gregory Davis

The deadline for applications has been extended until all three positions have been filled.

RBCEC/RBMF youth and neighbor engagement interventions area a project of Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth and is made possible by Byrne Criminal Justice Innovations Grant # 2012-AJ-BX-0006 and the support of Seattle Neighborhood Group and the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative to develop and evaluate community-led crime prevention efforts.