RBAC in the community. RBAC has been in the community and in house doing dome awesome work. Here is a brief glimpse of what we have been up to

Corner Greeters at Lake Washington Apartments. Corner Greeters have been showing up at Lake Washington Apartments for at least 9 times a year, since 2016. Lake Washington Apartments is a critical partner in the work to reduce crime in the Rainier Beach neighborhood and is being targeted to adopt a Corner Greeter station of its own. RBAC is also introducing Lake Washington Apartments to positive behavioral intervention supports (PBIS) and helping the residents there embrace being safe, being respectful,  and being responsible. Be on the lookout for more reports about PBIS. The images you see here are of Corner Greeters beautifying and activating the Mapes Creek/52nd Avenue Walkway an important gathering hub for our neighborhood.