There is a new relationship emerging at RBAC in our public safety area, it’s called Regional Peacekeepers Collective (RPKC) and it is as part of the Zero Youth Detention (ZYD) strategic plan. The RPKC was created to deliver support and provide services for young people and families at the highest risk for gun violence. The RPKC addresses gun violence using a public health approach that ensures the treatment and recovery of all people involved. RBAC is being asked to support this work by identifying up to five community-based organizations (CBOs) in Southeast Seattle to provide coordinated Intervention and Restoration Services aimed at preventing the harms of gun violence to affected young people and families. This work will increase the capacity and skills of those doing the daily work of reducing the impact of violence and strengthen connections across the Southeast Seattle service provider community to ensure a sustainable and lasting impact. RBAC will be seeking Letters of Inquiries will be accepted to help with the selection process. Check out the website to learn more about RPKC.