It is possible to grow tomatoes indoors, but you’ll need to understand what tomato plants need in order to bear fruit instead of spindly vines. Choosing the right tomato is the key to success. Micro dwarf tomatoes grow about six inches to a foot tall. You can put a seed and a little stake in a pot, and it will produce tasty little cherry tomatoes as long as it gets an adequate amount of light, food, and water.

The secret to growing micro dwarf tomatoes is space and time. It’s ideal to grow in a window in a small pot. Micro dwarf tomatoes can be yellow, orange, purple or green, or red. For indoor tomatoes to be successful you need sun and heat – tomatoes need photosynthesis to develop flavor and flowers to turn into fruit.

You can invest in LED growing lights if you live in an exceptionally cold climate. 

For potting indoor tomatoes – any pot will work but must have a draining hole to the bottom and a saucer underneath to catch the water. Like any houseplant, you can get different pests in your indoor tomatoes. So, picking a good quality potting soil is important 

Something like miracle gro indoor potting mix starts off sterile so you’re not introducing possible diseases into the plant.

Always overwater a little bit- the pot should have a drain at the bottom. 

You can overwater, but tomatoes are unhappy if they are underwatered.

With a little bit of luck and healthy plants, you can enjoy indoor tomatoes all year round. After a tomato plant produces flowers, you should have fruit in about three weeks!