We recently received this report from the organizers of the 2nd Annual Bridge to Beach All Valley Earth Day Cleanup; congrats to all who participated; looking forward to next year’s event!
With 20 groups out working on various clean up, weeding, planting projects, the Valley is all the better as a result.  This was more than a clean up, it was also a competition with ten prizes.

One clean team member commented that her group appreciated the organized community clean up project and that “it has motivated us to do our part and we plan to continue with the momentum through the summer.”

All participants are amazing people and the whole Rainier Valley should be grateful for their strength, vision, energy and compassion.  We all benefit from having neighbors who walk the talk.  Thank you!

With so many great accomplishments, the judges had a challenge in picking the ten prize winning teams that will receive a gift certificate to a local Rainier Valley restaurant.  Food seemed to be the best way to express our gratitude: gifts from Mother Earth herself!

The organizers want to give special recognition to Jennifer Duong of Seattle Neighborhood Group, who took the lead on this project.

Thank you to the sponsors/donors and organizers: Clif Bar and Company, Department of Neighborhoods – City of Seattle, Healthy and Active Rainier Valley Coalition, HomeSight, Pepsi, PCC, Rainier Chamber, Rainier Valley Post, Safeway, Seattle Neighborhood Group, Seattle Tree Preservation and Starbucks Coffee.

Click here for before and after photos. And the winners are:

Best Neighbor:

Dunlap Street and private property clean-up
Best Down in the Dirt weeding/planting
Wilson Ave. S & S. Brandon Street weeding & mulching
Greenest Thumb
Henderson Connection
Clean Slate Garbage Pickup
43rd & Andover litter pick up
Best Traffic circle beautification
44th Ave. S & S. Eddy St.
More than Just a Walk in the Park Improvement
Friends of Cheasty
Most Enthusiastic Community Spirit
Pepsi & Dept Of Corrections work crew – Wilson & Lucile
Largest Volunteer Turnout
Hawthorn Elementary & Emerald City Rotary
Most Creative Project
Southeast Senior Foundation Urban Garden Project
Project that inspires a new award category! “Grossest Find
Medley Court Clean-up