Top Highlights

1. The announcement that the Ethiopian Community Mutual Association (venue for the Town Hall) is open to the community…it’s not just for the Ethiopian community

2. The Mayor’s office braintrust was in attendance, responding to needs on site, in real time – Parks, Transportation, Police Department, Fire Department, Office of Economic Development, Human Services, Contracts etc…

Top Surprises

1. The decidedly pro McGinn crowd from among the East African community

2. The Mayor’s acknowledgement that he won the election based on the votes from SE Seattle and the immigrant refugee community

Most Controversial Things Heard

1. Several testimonies about police comportment from among East African transportation professionals (cab drivers)

2. Ongoing lack of jobs for local contractors inspite of multi-millon dollar capital projects e.g., Rainier Beach Community Center ($14 million), Light Rail (gobs of millions).

Implications for Rainier Beach neighborhod

1 Formal, authentic, collaborative relationships (organizations to organizations; youth to youth; community to community; parent to parent) must be forged between East African communities particularly Ethiopians, Somali and the African American, Filipino, Southeast Asian communities

2. Growth in every emerging area is needed – Rainier Beach Urban Farms is good but must grown; new Rainier Beach Community Center is good but must grow; International Baccalaureate Program at RBHS is good but must grow…..catch my drift?