Clean Crew

If you lived in Seattle long enough. Then you probably have heard about the stigma affecting this area. The people that live and work in this community know that stigma isn’t true. However, every time RBAC is present in the community, we know that we are improving the reputation of Rainier Beach. If you subscribe to our newsletter the chances are you have seen the flyer for the clean crew but flyers can only tell so much of a story. This clean crew video below was edited and produced by Messiah Fagerholm.  In this video, you will see some of the work they are doing and how they feel about it. However here are some quotes from the video about how the young Adults feel about their community work.

“Young black men and women in the community. Trying to make a difference in this way. I was all for it. Putting ourselves in a position to help the community grow” Says Ryan Croone.

“We go around and clean up our community. Our community is getting better. If we are one together who can stop us” Malcom Duston

Reality Jordan had this to say ( Effects community in a positive way. Since we are doing something it’s impactful”

“In the long run, might help people feel better about where they are. “Ray Adams