Questions came from RBAC Board and youth engagement workers who attend Rainier Beach High School. Youth engagement workers operate the Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth Corner Greeters project.
Specific data request (apologies for this request being so late)
  • Frequency of litter pickup and bus shelter cleaning in South Seattle
  • Bus fare revenue allocation? 2010-2015
  • How much is allocated to bus operator salaries? 2010-2015
  • Bus fare rates, 2005-2015
  • Time allocated to transfers, 2005-2015
  • After reviewing the RB Report Card, what did you see there that’s in the area you have a hobby?  You do have hobbies right? (Evelyn, the RB Report Card is attached)
  • What decision made the difference in you ascending to the leadership level you have?
  • Share a high school prank you were the perpetrator, victim or bystander for?
Professional – leadership
  • How can residents hold you, metro accountable?
  • Equity at Metro, thoughts?
Professional – technical
  • Is there a clause in bus operator contracts requiring a minimum standard of customer service?
  • What is bus shelter maintenance schedule (trash can emptying, sanitizing, repair) in the south end of Seattle?
  • Youth with no bus fare, what are steps to deny a ride?