Here are the priorities and key areas for engagement identified at the Town Hall Meeting, held January 21, 2009.

Economic Development
Top three priorities:

  1. Make Rainier Beach an empowerment zone via the experience of Sage, LELO, and CADA
  2. Cleanliness/Beautification via pride in neighborhood (specifically garbage cans)
  3. Capitalize on existing and emerging transportation projects i.e., Link Light Rail, Metro Buses and streetscapes

Other areas of engagement:
o Activate the parking lots at Saar’s/Rainier Beach High School
o Sustain local businesses – provide jobs to local residents
o Co-op that is local and resident focused
o Engage in asset building activities for /through residents and youth
o Hire local contractors for development projects

Top three priorities:

  1. Have accountability for increasing academic achievement
  2. Southeast Education Initiative accountability/sustainability (Keep the $)
  3. Mobilize community for student success

Top three priorities:

  1. Social/political/environmental intersection (integration)
  2. More outreach e.g., presentations on Saturdays at Rainier Beach Community Center
  3. Air pollution awareness

Other areas of engagement:
o More conifer trees
o Protect green spaces/walkways
o Adopt-a-block
o Urban Wilderness

Public Safety
Top three priorities:

  1. Monitor dense housing development around Light Rail
  2. Safety on Metro
  3. Education on Youth Culture and Mentoring

Other areas of engagement:
o School Closures
o Reach out to immigrant and refugee community
o Funding cuts for drug rehab/mental health
o Dismantling racism
o Public/Resident accountability via communication
o Employment opportunities
o Police Response time

Top three priorities:

  1. Develop and implement a strategy to develop a core of people who steward transportation issues in Rainier Beach
  2. Connect all transportation modes together – walking, biking, bus, light rail
  3. Develop marketing pieces to help people learn systems easier and faster as well as to make systems safer e.g., “I support safe transportation” patch/sticker

Youth/Families/Young Adults
Top three priorities:

  1. Community events to bring people together e.g., block parties, things to do, things people like to do
  2. Linkages between providers e.g., better communication, knowledge sharing, resources and referrals
  3. Girls programs thorough middle schools support

Other areas of engagement:
o Support for youth, especially ex-offenders with employment, education and housing
o Support general positive community family
o Multilevel access to funds to support grassroots, smaller organizations doing the work
o Making inclusive programs for immigrants and refugees and connecting service providers to resources and training
o Outreach connecting to kids where they are, as unified, relational network of youth workers
o Mentoring
o Mental Health support
o Working in RBHS directly, support inside schools
o Working with rather than for folks