Ramadan is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s a month that brings so much good to so many people. For me, it’s a time to be present. To be present with my time, body, and with others. In a time where that seems to be nearly impossible, Ramadan is the one month out of the year where it feels tangible. To spend time with family, neighborhoods, yourself and be fully present. A great gift that I am always grateful for. This Ramadan is very special for me because it’s my first Ramadan out of school as a post-grad and my first Ramadan with my first adult job as the Communication Coordinator for RBAC. 


RBAC has been an amazing landing spot for me and a place where I feel safe therefore I am more brave. I make bolder choices and feel more grounded in my creativity. What I have been the most grateful of, out of any experience whether it be school or job, RBAC has been the first place to allow me to be more present during Ramadan. This is a place where you walk in and the first thing you hear is Ramadan Kareem, where there is a place to pray, and access needs are being not only met but honored. In western societies, there is no infrastructure to allow people to celebrate Ramadan and be present. That makes RBAC special, is that there is this space and ethos that supports the Muslims of RBAC and of the Rainier Beach neighborhood to be present. For example, getting to have Iftar nights with the staff where we get to share the beauty of Ramadan and bond over laughs and great food like how I grew up celebrating the holiday. My journey in RBAC has changed my life in the best of ways and getting to further develop my spiritual relationship in ways that are uplifting has changed my life tenfold.


I am interested to hear, how do you celebrate Ramadan and if you don’t how are you able to be more present? What does being more present provide for you? Respond to this email or DM us @ rainierbeachac on Instagram. Would love to hear from you all. Thank you so much for reading and I am looking forward to the chance and pleasure of getting to be more present with each and every one of you. Talk soon!


– Mawahib Ismail