Over the course of 17 weeks, the YATTA (Young Adults Transitioning to Adulthood) Rising team delivered a weekly class on 4 different topics as part of our Wellness Core Curriculum. RBAC leaders Hani Ahmed, Marisol Santos-Perez, Zion Thomas, and RBHS graduate Elijah Lewis coordinated lessons on the topics of Business & Entrepreneurship, Social Movements, Race & Class in Seattle, and Financial Literacy, respectively. This curriculum was borne out of research from YATTA Rising, realizing that there are certain lessons and information that young Black and Brown folx are not taught in school nor at home. It’s important for young folx to be able to identify how gentrification has affected their community, as well as be aware of how to start or participate in social movements that could build power in their community. In addition, the potential young adults have to thrive in the realm of business is unlimited, yet they just need the basic information and financial literacy to be able to actualize their goals of entrepreneurship. It was great to have YATTA’s (young adults transitioning to adulthood) from our community teaching these classes. Have you ever heard of this before? Even if you have, this group is pretty special and we should clap it up for these YATTA’s who are lifting up generations as they rise!