RBAC has engaged elected officials over the years and within the last month had the opportunity to interact with three. We talked with Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan about public safety in Rainier Beach and the fact that our neighborhood led effort, Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth, helped reduce crime by 30% since 2015. We informed her we now we have to compete for funding due to the recast of human service community safety dollars. We met with Seattle City councilmember about the speculation MHA caused in Rainier Beach amounting to the purchase price of property near the Rainier Beach Light Rail Station selling for 40% over appraised value. We met with State Senator Rebecca Saldana just because we love her, wanted to give her some friendly faces to look at who were not going to ask her for anything. We encourage you to contact your elected officials, for the most part, they are nice people with tremendous responsibilities. All the more reason to connect with them.