The Block party is held annually on the last day of school. This event is hosted by the King County Boys and Girls Club with the help of sponsors. King County Boys and Girls Club partners with RBAC on the Rainier Beach A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth Initiative. the Block Party was held at the Rainier Beach Community center on 6/27. The last day of school. It started at 12:00 pm which pr1ovided plenty of time for our FreedomNet Community NewZ media team to set up. In case you were curious about what the Community NewZmedia team at RBAC does here is a quick overview. The Community NewZ team before they go to community events make sure everything is ready.  They come up with interview questions, make sure the cameras are charged, choose the best spots for interviews, and much more! They have a whole list of things to check off before they are ready to go. At the events, they take pictures, post Twitter feeds that we call headlines to the Rainier Beach News Wire,  video, and sometimes conduct interviews. Check out the pictures below.


This Block Party provided a place for young people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. As the summer strolls along who knows when they have that chance again? There was soul food, cornbread, collard greens, chicken, and mac n cheese, along with water and things like that. At RBAC we know that nutrition is a vital part of making sure our youth are being taken of. There was basketball nets, games, and tournaments. The winner of these tournaments got a trophy! There was a free-throw tournament and a 3 on 3 competition.   There was a pie eating and watermelon eating competition. There was a DJ that played music that the youth enjoyed and there was a little bit of dancing.


The tagline of this event is Be Safe BRO. If you signed in at this event you got a free t-shirt that said BE SAFE BRO. This has a lot of meaning. If you have ever seen any RBAC gear you know that this is on the back of the shirts and hoodies that we wear.    At the end of the event, there was a moment of silence for all the lives that have been lost due to violence. The hosts of this event asked every young person to sign their name on a BE SAFE BRO sign and make a pledge to be safe this summer. Call us if you are interested in having RBABSPY projects on your block.