There are many tables RBAC sits at that affect the lives of Rainier Beach residents. RBAC makes its purpose to look out for the interest of Rainier Beach when it is at them. One of those tables is the Rainier Beach Economic Development Roundtable. The Round table has a fourfold purpose.


An upcoming project the roundtable is a Developer Forum. Did you know there are 4 large scale (50 or more units) housing development projects to be built in the next 5 years. This does not include the dozens of tiny thin houses and accessory dwelling units. That’s over 400+ new units, over 600 new people. Hopefully, it’s “old people” meaning people already in the neighborhood.


So where about to go all-in on the Rainier Beach Economic De elopement Roundtable (RBEDR)….ready? Here goes….



Economic development is an ongoing neighborhood effort to improve the local economy and quality of life by building the area’s capacity to respond to and influence economic change. This includes sustainable increases in the prosperity of individuals, businesses and resources to increase the overall well being of the neighborhood. 



Rainier Beach is an inclusive, culturally diverse neighborhood with a thriving, equitable local economy, responding to and influencing economic change for the benefit of all.



We exist to support the local economy of Rainier Beach by strengthening existing partnerships and facilitating equitable collaboration for mutual benefit and success.




Culturally, Socially, Economically


Environmentally, Economically, Thriving in Place


Engaging, Listening, Learning, Collaborating, Being Flexible


Innovating, Responding, Persevering



Rainier Beach is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, and its boundaries generally extend from Rose Street to the north, Fletcher Street to the south, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way to the west, and Seward Park Avenue S to the east. As part of the Phase I community outreach process delineated in the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan, the urban village boundaries were expanded to include a “panhandle” for all properties facing Rainier Avenue from Rose Street to Holly Street.




This effort has engaged a broad range of organizational partners. 


Equity Alliance of Washington

Equity Alliance of Washington (formerly the Washington Housing Equity Alliance) develops culturally appropriate housing that includes culturally-infused services that address present needs and future goals of residents while working toward economic development and job creation. 



HomeSight promotes social and economic equity to preserve and enhance economically and culturally diverse communities through affordable homeownership, business development, and community advocacy.


Life Enrichment Group

Life Enrichment Group provides guidance and support to youth and families through positive channels of education, performing arts, and mentorship.


Puget Sound Sage

Puget Sound Sage is building communities where all families thrive. Using a combination of research, policy, leadership development, and civic engagement, Puget Sound Sage is creating equitable and sustainable solutions for some of the region’s most pressing problems. 


Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC)

RBAC is a grassroots neighborhood development action coalition devoted to implementing neighborhood responsiveness, renewal and development, focusing specifically on the implementation of the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan. 


Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth 

Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth is an innovative, community-led violence prevention initiative to reduce youth victimization and crime and to improve relations with youth, police and the community. 


Rainier Beach Community Club 

The Rainier Beach Community Club enhances and maintains the quality of life for residents of the Rainier Beach Community through social, civic, and service activities.


Rainier Beach Merchants Association

The Rainier Beach Merchants Association promotes equitable economic development in our neighborhood, advocates for and advances all business, professional, civic and cultural interests, and the quality of life in the Rainier Beach community. 


Rainier Valley Community Development Fund 

Rainier Valley Community Development Fund is a self-sustaining, community-controlled financial institution that preserves and strengthens cultural diversity, long-term livability, and economic opportunity for Rainier Valley residents, businesses and institutions. 


SouthEast Effective Development 

SouthEast Effective Development is improving the quality of life in Southeast Seattle by creating partnerships and inspiring investments in housing, arts and economic development – with a special focus on residents with fewer opportunities and resources.


Urban Impact

Urban Impact is partnering with families and communities to break the cycle of social, material, and spiritual poverty, with a vision of all families being reconciled with God, and everyone is engaged and thriving in the community.


Know there! Below are images of the projected developments. Call us if you want to know more.