"Citizen Journalists share local information and stories from the ground up, reflecting the perspective of those most closely engaged in the work of social justice and community building."


expand the network of Citizen Journalists in Rainier Beach and beyond with the capability to share important information about local events and celebrate community life through various media, anchored by the Rainier Beach News Wire

Program Description

We train, support, and amplify the voices of local youth and young adults as Citizen Journalists in a media landscape that increasingly depends on local credibility and collaboration.

Freedomnet citizen journalists create Twitter headlines, articles that are posted on the RBAC website, podcasts featuring local community members, videos/documentaries, and more.

Freedomnet supports young adults transitioning to adulthood, as well as voices that have been neglected and/or ignored due to systemic racism in and around the Rainier Beach neighborhood with media and content creation training. Together, they serve the broader Rainier Beach community by providing information on local news, events, resources, and opportunities that make #RainierBeach A Beautiful Safe Place.

At the same time, all of RBAC participates in Freedomnet in some capacity with technical support and training by the Stage Crew and guidance in quality and content by the FreedomNet Editorial Board.

The Freedomnet editorial board consists of representatives from across RBAC programs and organizational structures who would be responsible for encouraging their teams to consistently contribute to the sharing of information with increasing confidence, creativity and quality.


How You Can Be Involved

Everyone in Rainier Beach has the opportunity to be Freedomnet Citizen Journalists by participating in local events and sharing it to your network using #RainierBeach

Program Outcomes

Rainier Beach News Wire

RBACast and Documentaries


Website Content



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