Thirty community members in the Rainier Beach and Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake neighborhoods have been selected to serve on the newly-formed Neighborhood Advisory Committees (NAC). The NACs’ role is to advise and collaborate with the City on the neighborhood planning update process which provides each neighborhood the opportunity to update its vision and priorities based on the changing face of the community.

The NACs will be working directly with staff from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and the Department of Planning and Development, and will advise on such elements as engaging the community through targeted outreach, selecting the planning consultants to address the communities’ priorities, reviewing community input, and creating recommendations that balance community interests. The NAC will also support the creation of an action plan for their neighborhood that will be reviewed on an annual basis.

NAC members live, work or spend significant time in the neighborhood and represent a broad range of community interests. The members applied for the volunteer positions, and were interviewed and selected based on a variety of criteria. The members are as follows:

  • Rainier Beach: Akuilia ‘ Kiki’ Kennedy, Cheryl dos-Remedios, Christie Coxley, David Sauvion, Gregory Davis, Harry Hoffman, Katy Curtis, Margaret Yellowwolf, Mohamed Sheikh Hassan, Paul Lee, Peter Masundire, Robyn Israel-Cox, Rodolfo Castillo. Alternates: Matt Kozleski, Robert West “Trey,” Vallerie Fisher.
  • Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake: Dan Stern, Edmond Ryan, Fran Clifton, Gloria Butts, Greg Brotherton, Jeff VanderGiessen, Josh Freedman, Patricia A. McCoy, Richard L. Dyksterhuis, Rick Barrett, Susan Eastman Jensen. Alternates: Deborah Phare, Joseph Monda, Michael A. Rice.

Space has been reserved on both committees to help widen the range of interests represented to include:

  • Youth and people living with disability for Rainier Beach neighborhood
  • Youth, low-income renters, people of color, and people living with disability for Broadview/Bitter Lake/Haller Lake neighborhood

Interested community members can click here for more information.

All NAC meetings are open to the public and all documents are posted to the NAC websites.

For more information about the NAC and neighborhood planning, please contact: