The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Citywide Neighborhood Council (CNC) are currently seeking input from community groups throughout Seattle as a way to find out how to support the evolution of the Neighborhood District Council system as a key avenue for civic participation in Seattle.

As you may know, the city is divided up into 13 neighborhood district councils, each of which is made up of local community organizations within the district. The online survey, linked below, is our way to reach people active in their communities, but that may not be familiar with or directly involved in the district councils – we would very much appreciate your ideas! Please help us spread the word to your membership through your listservs, e-newsletters, or blogs.

The survey will be open until November 14th so please act fast in spreading the word.

Thank you for your support in helping strengthen civic engagement in Seattle!

SURVEY LINK — Thinking Forward: Creating a Vision for Seattle’s Neighborhood District Councils

This effort is part of the district council audit response. To learn more about the District Councils and city audit, view the Citywide Neighborhood Council website. Please contact Yun Pitre if you have any questions.