Strawberries!!! Tastes like summer, right? Did you know this fruit consistently tops the list of “Dirty Dozen” fruits & vegetables that use the most pesticides and chemicals to grow? Pure Nelida Farm in Skagit Valley brings our strawberries and raspberries this week and has grown these tasty delights using organic practices, without the use of pesticides.


Nelida’s personal interest in organic farming comes from her son’s diagnosis of leukemia, and her suspicion that the disease arose from the many years the family spent working among the pesticide-ridden fields of California. Nelida moved to Washington, where she learned organic practices, and now grows 72 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and Northwest and Oaxacan herbs with her daughter.

A just food system means that producers, consumers, and the environment are safe from toxic inputs and the hazards of conventional farming. We ensure that everything you’ll find at the farm stand is both delicious and good for everyone! Here’s what’s fresh this week — check out all the links to learn more about the farm partners that make this market happen.

Pure Nelida Farm

Strawberries – $4/pint

Raspberries – $4/half pint

Green Beans – $3.25/pound

Fennel – $1.20/pound


Cabrera Farms

Carrots – $2/bunch

Broccoli – $2.50/pound


New Holly Market Garden

Rainbow Chard – $2/bunch

Green leaf lettuce – $2/bunch

Beets – $2/bunch

Fresh Herbs – mint, shiso, cilantro – $2/bunch

Seasonal flower bouquets – $5


Hima Farm

Blueberries! $3/pint


Nurturing Roots

Kale, Lacinato – $2/bunch

Fresh herbs – bay laurel, sage – $2/bunch


Regeneration Farm

Garlic – elephant, Oroville purple, chesnook varieties – $12/pound

Zucchini & mixed summer squash – $2/pound


Collins Family Orchard

Cherries, rainier – $3.50/pound — LAST WEEK!!!

Peaches, yellow cling – $2.50/pound

Peaches, donut (!) – $2.50/pound


Black Farmers Collective/Africatown Seattle

Eggs, free-range – $6/dozen


We’ll also have a variety of dry beans and sweet onions from Alvarez Organic Farms, green cabbage from Ralph’s Greenhouse, and the first of the season heirloom tomatoes (in very limited quantity!) from The Crows Farm.


See you at the farm stand!


Ridhwan, Haile, Meron, Abby, Jewel & Claire

Your Farm Stand Crew

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