By Makayla Miles


In honor of women’s history month, I want to recognize and highlight some of the women of RBAC and let the community know a little bit more about what they do.

Abby Endalew is Farm Stand and Food Justice Fellow.  Abby has been involved in this work since she was in high school. She is one of the people you see on Saturday mornings at the Farm Stand.  

Kidest Wasihun is also a Farm Stand and Food Justice Fellow and another friendly face you see on Saturday mornings.    The fellows make sure that the farm stand happens by placing the orders for the produce and being there early to set up, they organize events, have supported farmers, and are also supporting the Food Policy Council. 

Kerry White, who is our Food Hub and Farm Stand Manager, is one of the people responsible for making sure the farm stand and eventually the food hub runs smoothly. During the Farm Stand, you can usually find her smiling and greeting everyone as they line up to get free produce.    

Nurhaliza Mohamath is the Food Justice Coordinator.  She supports all the food justice work that is happening with RBAC. She is the lead for the Food Policy Council and supports the Farm Stand and Garden Gremlins.  

Halley Sherwood is the mastermind behind RBAC communications.  If you see something cool on our social media there’s a high probability, she had a role in it. 

Tamia Stanton is most likely the first person you see when you enter the RBAC office. Tamia makes sure the office runs smoothly while also supporting the different programs within RBAC. 

Marisol Santos Perez is a key part of the Restorative Resolutions team, another person who makes sure the office runs smoothly and is usually involved in most things RBAC. 

Tina Brigit is RBACs executive assistant and is always willing to provide a helping hand to whoever needs it. 

Safiyat Bayo has also been around since high school and is now a student at Seattle University. She continues to be involved in engagement work and is a mentor to the younger engagement workers.

Mariam Bayo is also a college student and wears many different hats at RBAC from engagement work to communications. 

Gabbie Price also wears many different hats at RBAC from engagement work, and nutrition to partnerships and well-being. 

Hibo Elmi is managing motherhood while working and supporting wherever she can. 

Jessicka Rambus is our operation director; she loves numbers and is a mentor to several young adults at RBAC. 

Kanwal Yousuf is our development manager and is passionate about all thing’s community building and fundraising.  

While I couldn’t cover all the women in the RBAC in this article just know that the work you do is seen and appreciated. Without you, RBAC wouldn’t be RBAC! A special shout-out to the mothers, siblings, wives, cousins, caretakers, etc who are an essential part of a family’s support system.