A message from our Priority Hire Outreach Worker, Eddie Grinnell about his work in 2021:

“At the beginning of the year, I made it my goal to get 85 people assessed, 50 referred, and 25 placed. I did a good job & achieved these goals before the end of the year. Having a referral every week was something that I knew I could do and has been something that was appreciated and helpful for the program. 

Before referring an individual, they must go through an assessment. After being referred you are signed up for the information meeting, where you are introduced to the construction trade. You are informed of all the trades that are to choose from, and then you’d attend an orientation to get yourself signed up and make a decision on what you want to do. 

In 2021, there was one person in particular that I am really proud of & love that I was able to get him connected to the Priority Hire program. He’s a person that I would say is a relative of mine: Larry Duggins. He expressed interest in the construction trade years ago, after which I signed him up and got him started. Unfortunately, he got into some trouble and was away for some years. I didn’t expect him to stay interested throughout that time away, but when he was released, the first thing he did was show interest in continuing with his recruitment. He was at every meeting & orientation and graduated in the top of his PACT Pre-Apprenticeship class. Now, he is in a Laborer’s Apprenticeship and is doing great. I feel good with him calling me a mentor.