Chief Sealth Trail now has plants in planters!

The Rainier Beach  Clean Crew organized a garden party which took place on May 22nd from 10am-12pm. The work party was attended by members of the Rainier Beach Clean Crew (Tyra Griffith, Malcolm Dunston, Ryan Croone, Jesiah Marks), Food Innovation District Strategist David Sauvion, and Messiah Fagerholm. 

This garden party was a special one because of the way RBAC is reclaiming the space at the Chief Sealth Trail. In the words of Gregory Davis “ There is a thing these days called community land stewardship and reclaiming land. These concepts are being used as a way to stave off displacement. It’s easy to imagine these ideas encompassing thousands of square feet or huge swaths of land, but RBAC is getting in where it can fit in, and started with 900 sq foot.” It may not seem like a lot but it is just the beginning.  The space is meant to be a place of community engagement, and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Some of the things planted in the garden were strawberries, corn, cucumbers, and more. If you’re ever walking by stop and smell the strawberries!