MLK Day 2024 turned out to be one for the books as we headed to Ayeko Farms to pull some berry vines, embracing the chilly day with warm hearts. We rolled up our sleeves for seed cleaning, explored the serene creek, and savored the most amazing soup crafted by Salima’s specialties. The day wasn’t just about getting our hands dirty; it was about coming together as a community, forging connections, and getting to know our volunteers on a beautiful and personal level. Huge shoutout to everyone who came through, and a forever thank you to Ayeko Farms for being the heartbeat of these extraordinary moments in our community.


This year, at RBAC, our goals for food justice extend beyond just growing amazing food and produce with Black and brown farmers. We aspire to cultivate beautiful connections simultaneously. MLK Day exemplified this commitment, as the event not only involved pulling some berry vines and engaging in seed cleaning but also emphasized building relationships with our volunteers. Our mission is to intertwine the growth of nourishing food with the blossoming of heartfelt connections, and the love and care poured into this MLK Day event served as a testament to these aspirations.

-Mawahib Ismail