On January 22nd, our Youth Engagement Workers participated in a new event called “Clean Up Your Act.” Activation meets team bonding. This initiative involves community engagement, neighborhood activation, and provides a chance for our team to contribute to cleanliness while fostering bonds. 


After the cleanup, our Youth Engagement Workers enjoyed watching “Over the Hedge,” a 2006 American classic, and shared snacks. Laughter echoed as we bonded, creating memories beyond our usual responsibilities. The success of this “Clean Up Your Act” event resonated with our team, and positive feedback from our Youth Engagement Workers was heartening. These moments of collective action and community engagement are fulfilling and essential for our team’s well-being. Looking forward, our Youth Engagement Workers are eager to make “Clean Up Your Act” a recurring event. The positive impact on both the community and our team reinforces our commitment to fostering responsibility, teamwork, and joy in making a meaningful difference. Here is what one of our YEW had to say…


“The cleanup we did yesterday made us realize that the community needs the corner greeters. There was a lot of garbage and trash everywhere, and maybe we should do cleanup every Monday or every other Monday so the more trash we get, the better. We almost filled the bag up just from one place, the place next to the growth center. The bus stop next to the Mexican store had the most garbage and needed us, and we really enjoyed doing it because the weather was nice. It was cold but not too cold, and it was raining but not too much to where our clothes got messed up.”

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