by Cly Samson

As I was thinking of potential ways to support farmers during the winter, the idea of a grounding ceremony came to my mind. I know a lot of farmers have their own way of welcoming the new season — whether it be inviting their friends and families to their first planting of the year, asking for a blessing from a priest or community member, or a simple, quiet moment to themselves with nature… I thought, wouldn’t it be beautiful if there was a space for Black and Brown farmers to ground with each other before life gets busy in growing season? 

So we did just that! We invited our Black and Brown farmers and their families to the RBAC Growth Center to have a seed swap, receive a blessing by a rising Shaman, and offer their hopes and intentions to a collective altar. 

We placed the altar where our kitchen island will soon be, a place where a lot of community, food and laughter will take place. 

I’m very grateful and happy that the first event that took place in the Food Hub was a special gathering of farmers — they are the people that feed our community, the people that make this Food Hub possible.

We left some parts of the altar in the Food Hub where we will continue to build upon it & use it to check-in with ourselves before coming into the space or a meeting. When you come by to the Food Hub in the near future, make sure to say hi to our beautiful, community altar!